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The Twilight Saga is a progression of five vampire-themed sentiment dream films from Summit Entertainment dependent on the four books distributed by writer Stephenie Meyer. The movies star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner. The arrangement has netted more than $3.3 billion around the world. The principal portion, Twilight, was delivered on November 21, 2008.[1] The subsequent portion, New Moon, followed on November 20, 2009, breaking film industry records as the greatest 12 PM screening and first day of the season ever, netting an expected $72.7 million.[2] The third portion, Eclipse, was delivered on June 30, 2010,[3] and was the first of the arrangement to be delivered in IMAX.[4]



The arrangement had been being developed since 2004 at Paramount Pictures, during which time a screen variation of Twilight that contrasted fundamentally from the novel was written.[5][6] Three years after the fact, Summit Entertainment obtained the rights to the film. After Twilight earned $35.7 million on its opening day,[7] Summit Entertainment reported they would start creation on New Moon; they had procured the rights to the leftover books prior that equivalent month.[8] A two-section transformation of Breaking Dawn started shooting in November 2010 with delivery dates of November 18, 2011, and November 16, 2012, respectively.[9][10]

Twilight was being developed for around three years at Paramount Pictures' MTV Films, during which time a screen transformation varying essentially from the novel was written.[5][6] For instance, the content changed Bella into a star competitor.

Stephenie Meyer expressed that there was some discussion in permitting the film to be made as a result of the negative or positive result of the film contrasted with the book, '"They might have put that [earlier] film out, called it something different, and nobody would have realized it was Twilight!" seeing a scene changed over accurately, explicitly the glade scene, persuaded Meyer to sell the rights. In seeing the content, she was scared that she had settled on some unacceptable choice. At the point when Summit Entertainment reexamined itself as a full-administration studio in April 2007, it effectively procured the rights to the novel. Erik Feig, President of Production at Summit Entertainment, ensured a nearby transformation to the book.[11] The organization saw the film as a chance to dispatch an establishment dependent on the accomplishment of Meyer's book and its sequels.[12][13] Meyer felt that Summit was available to leaving her alone a piece of the film. Catherine Hardwicke was recruited to coordinate the film, and soon a while later, Melissa Rosenberg was chosen to be the film's underlying base as the essayist of the film.[14]

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